Tips for Caregivers

  • Post important telephone numbers in case of emergency (e.g., physician, emergency services).
  • Safeguard your parent’s home.
  • Complete first-aid and CPR courses.
  • Talk to your parent about the future; understand his or her wishes.
  • Make sure your parent has a will, durable power of attorney, health-care proxy, and living will.
  • Join a support group or cultivate friendships where you can talk openly about your caregiving responsibilities and challenges.
  • Seek assistance from friends and relatives, community services (home health care, meal delivery, adult day care, etc.), and other sources.
  • Talk to your employer. Some employers will help by offering flexible schedules or other assistance.
  • Be aware that the Family and Medical Leave Act requires employers of 50 or more employees to grant eligible employees unpaid leave to care for a member of their immediate family who has a serious health condition.