Laid Off

There are a number of ways you can smooth the transition to your next job. To begin, you’ll want to plan on your job search taking six months and budget accordingly. Your budget should reflect the money you’ll need to use while looking for your new... Read more

I need money: can I take funds from my IRA?

Answer: Yes, but the taxable portion of your distribution may be subject to a 10 percent penalty for early withdrawal if you’re not yet age 59½. If you are 59½ or older and take money from your traditional IRA, you will not be assessed a penalty, though you may... Read more

What is COBRA?

Health Care During Transitional Periods The term “COBRA” is commonly used to refer to certain provisions of Title X of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986. This law provides an opportunity for employees and their dependents who have... Read more

Dealing with Periods of Crisis

What is it? By definition, a crisis is a turning point, a time when you have to make crucial decisions (often suddenly) that will affect your future. Although smart planning is the key to effectively dealing with periods of crisis, you may find yourself suddenly... Read more

Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment Compensation What is unemployment compensation? Unemployment compensation (also called unemployment insurance) is a federal-state system of benefits that pays workers who are involuntarily unemployed a portion of their wages until they are able to find... Read more